Testing One Two Three


I'm still a long way off from narrowing it down to just a question (or two) concerning the status quo, destabilizing conditions, 

methodology, consequences, or resolutions for my thesis. However, I am pleased to report that I have come to rest on a topic. The cool thing about it is that I stumbled upon it in much the way Prof. H displayed using the two NPR vids produced by Shankar Vedentam (phone proximity vs. cognitive test scores, and MLB umpires partiality after the time clock stops). The setting for the first is the conversation between the two psychologists with both their phones (of course) table top and the wonderment was spawned and grew from there. The other, just as ordinary, came about with friends watching an extra innings ball game and detecting bias in the calls of the ump whose pay had stopped after the ninth. 


The hermeneutic moment for me occurred in certainly no more an exciting setting as the above listed; mine was the classroom setting, HIST 3950, Special Topics: Historical Jesus/The Early Church. Enter destabilizing factor: dispute arose and has continued to manifest -to varying degrees- between certain students and the professor.  Correct me if I'm wrong y'all, but barring concise resolution, continued disruption by these students would constitute some of the "consequences" portion of my thesis. .....Fascinating  



Ok, so the thing is that not only have i confused the two Midway sections with my last post, but i'm rethinking my thesis topic for Foundations of Research. The concise resolution (see above) came in the form of wise counsel from the beleaguered, yet tried and true Dr. B who has apparently shown his attackers the futility of their onslaught. To them i would say, Paz ese. To Dr. B. i say, You da MAN!

Last colloquium i learned that my first assignment is to try to put into words: Who am i? Great! <sarcasm... Thankfully, Robert Louis Stevenson has already begun the process for me in his 1886 Gothic novella entitled "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde." When i return to my posts i will attempt to elaborate on the "strange"....Peace out y'all


Back to the strange... Today's assignment: List three attributes (or embarrassments) that makes you who you are. No, I mean who "I" am. Talk about why these traits have led you (me) in the important decisions you've (I've) made in life, such as why you (I) might/would attempt HCol and further, what do you (i) hope to achieve/accomplish as a result of that? What life-time goals do you (I) hope to reach and what part have these three soul colors played in your choice of university major. Prof. H listed about 40 or so core characteristics such as self-care, discipline, honor, loyalty through peace, love, happiness and the like. Each student -after applying nefarious methodology- boiled it down to only 3 that best describes them.  I chose Love, Passion, Compassion....

So, Who am I? I wish i knew (that's the Mr. Hyde in me) but I'm thankful there is One who does. That's the love.  The Passion speaks to the gambit. According to the Mister, eros to muderous hatred and everything in between. As for the Dr? altruism through agape (goodness and mercy throughout.) For instance, inexpressible awe, deep sympathy (inner pain and empathy=the compassion) and boiling rage best describes my immediate inkling upon viewing the FL3TCH3R Exhibit at the Reece Museum yesterday. The exhibition's topical issue -being socio-political injustice- cuts me to the quick. Long term, I'd love to someday make a difference in helping to reverse the course (trajectory-careening toward) of our civil suicide to a more egalitarian and human friendly existence, socially, politically and economically.  Failure (detonation)=America ('s elite) First . Victory= humans (all of us) and Earth first . It's for this reason I fancy myself a historian and socio-political scientist and if I can adequately restrain the Mr.  so a to not allow my subjective emotion overwhelm my objective reasoning, I just may have hope in my endeavors. I seek a degree (or two) in the disciplines of my passions because without it ('em) you can foget about it! Why am I attempting execution of honors college scholarship? Because I get good grades and so I won't have to pay tuition..... Shalom


I just learned this morning -after closer inspection of HCol syllabus- that my analyses of various events I attend as part of the curriculum are to be chronicled here as opposed to in private email to the Professor wherein my socio-political ravings are hidden from the world. Fortunately, the event I attended last night was fairly innocuous and would require no such rants or ravings to describe it. The Honors College potluck was great. My original intention was to show off my advanced culinary arts skills in making mi favorita, comida mexicana but in realizing there would be no oven available to heat such delectables I opted for simply picking up and bringing an ETSU tailgate box from Bojangles. This was a wise decision as I'm under the gun for looming assignment completions such as, program of study (due before fall break.) The HCol potluck is an excellent way to meet, greet and rub elbows with current past and emerging honors college inductees and mentors. Should I survive this term I will look forward to next years meeting of the minds.


So I finished my program of study and looks like I should graduate w/flying colors anytime w/in the next 6 or 7 years or so, but I'm cool with that cuz lots of people go to college for 7 years ; )

Also finished my community service hours this morning. I've been going in on T/Rs volunteering with both food prep and janitorial tasks at a downtown soup kitchen/mission called Shades of Grace UMC. They're at 313 E. Sullivan St. Kingsport. I've enjoyed it and made friends in the process. Their mission statement: "A non-traditional church that ministers to the least, the last, the lost and the lonely."......Pretty catchy. They can also be found on FB (Shades of Grace UMC) Don't look for me there however, not a fan of social mediahahaha.


The more I learn, the more I learn how little I've learned...

This entry should conclude my blog entries for Colo as my visit to the Reece today satisfies my requirements for this semester.

AMAZING! Powerful! but most of all, FEARLESS is how I describe my newest hero and idol. Her name is Savannah Sipple. The Dr. Bert C. Bach Creative Writing Initiative Dept. of Literature and Language and Women's Studies Program hosted a reading from Savannah's latest collection of poems. Her book is entitled, "WWJD and Other Poems." She signed books after her reading and I'm thankful I got to tell her that she's my HERO. From her publisher, Sibling Rivalry Press: Savannah Sipple's voice is stark and crucial. Her debut poetry collection WWJD and Other Poems explores what it is to be a queer woman in Appalachia and is rooted in her culture and in her body. With a beer-drinking Jesus as her wing man, she navigates this difficult terrain of stereotype, conservative Evangelicalism, and, perhaps most, shame... What she said: The collection is about Appalachia (she was raised in Eastern Kentucky) religion and domestic abuse. These are "coming out" stories. The 1st section, in the closet, 2nd, coming out and the 3rd is about where the title comes from. She read 12 different pieces; every one blew me away. The list of titles of the poems she read: 1. I wanted you to fuck me. 2. What will we tell ourselves? 3. Pork-belly. 4. After seeing a topo map of my childhood home in the closet of a friend. 5. Love letters to the boys in the first class I ever taught. 6. A list of times I thought I was gay, (funny, she asked the audience if anyone knew who Peter Cetera is before it reading it. I think I was the only one who raised my hand, which brought a bit of a chuckle and then she said those under thirty could google him when they got home. I actually never made the connection to her poem with the cat from Chicago, but Oh well). From section 3, 1. Jesus and I have lunch. 2. Jesus, my best girlfriend, my best boy. 3. And the word was God. 4. WWJD at the bar. 5. Jesus signs me up for a dating app. 6. Jesus shouts amen. ....FEARLESS! She is also published with Appalachian Heritage and Southern Cultures among others. 


Black Lives Matters matters in much the same way collective bargaining matters in the world of labor relations and worker solidarity.


S.M.A.R.T. .... How smart of somebody to dream that up! I'd like to slap 'em. Reckon if they made any money (real money i mean) off of that stroke of genius? Ok lemme see, goals, goals, goals... I actually thought i was done with this for the year, but I'll take a stab at it. Short term: I'd like to begin to develop a repoir How do you spell repoir? ...a good rapport with my mentor in the coming semester so I can better understand the ins and outs of the thesis production process. I'm super excited about my topic, which brings me to my median time frame goal which is to complete my thesis, but not just to get the task done (which is my usual modus operandi) I think I'd like to produce some information that might make a difference in the hearts and minds of anyone that might read it (were that to actually occur.) "The Flaw With the Flow" well, whudya know? Was just thinking that if I don't have an idea as to what I wanna be when I grow up, that I might just be floating along with the flow of time with no particular destination in mind (which is my usual modus operandi) and that might be a FLAWED condition. Maybe I should grow up... Ok, last but certainly not least, I've fancied becoming an historian for a foundation of some kind, maybe a museum or a park (municipal, state, or national) I think it would be cool to write the informational pamphlets (somebody has to do it) or better yet, be the one who formulates the text for the placard you might read when staring into a buffalo's ass at the national zoo that explains what happened to them and the Native Americans with whom they shared the Great Plains in the 19th century...

1/30/20... Happy Birthday!

New year, new term, promising a whole new set of scholastic fun n games, complete with all the bells n whistles, hoops, chutes, and ladders.

For my first trick I propose to continue to engage community for (at very least) 5hrs at Shades of Grace UMC (Kingsport) helping combat the ill effects of homelessness and hunger.

For my 20hr performance I propose to engage late medieval England in research for my thesis project. My plan is to pre-duplicate my 4018-088 classes this semester in preparation for next semester. This entry shall also serve as update of progress in this endeavor. I'm already down to 17hrs because I met with Dr. R on the 28th, Dr. L on the 29th, and Dr. N today, all concerning academic writing and/or specifically my thesis. 


Okay! I completed my first attendance of a performance, lecture or seminar. Last night I had to first locate Ball Hall Auditorium (a first for me) where we all had a ball in the hall. I saw other Midwayers looking to fulfill requirements there as well. The TED TACO-THON, sponsored by the ETSU ECONUTS and catered by Barberito's (i think) was great! I love TED talks which faithfully continue to cover a myriad of essential issues since its inception. But while all TED TALKS are important, what the ETSU ECONUTS like to TACObout is vital to the continuance of humanity. My favorite TED presentation was by a lady named Catherine Mohr on embodied energy. She began by demonstrating the embodied energy of a paper towel as opposed to that of a cloth one in wiping up a typical kitchen spill. She then went on to bigger and better examples displaying the "green trade-offs" she had to make while attempting to build the most eco-friendly home possible for her family. KUDOS to her and all who discipline themselves to think in those terms! Us youngsters need to begin and develop these same thought processes and practices.   


My monthly progress report consists of stating that after meeting again with Dr.s R, N, and L, concerning thesis production, my thesis mentor, Dr. R, scheduled me for weekly meetings during the first of which he lined me out on my first steps in the process. As of today I'm down to 14 hrs on the 20hr requirement, down to 5 on the 5hr community engagement requirement, still lack another public lecture/performance/exhibition, etc., and whatever honors college shmoozing is required. Peaceout


This month I'm pleased to report that I've completed the second of two required university events: the History Forum on professional application of academic history outside of academia (yesterday). Hosted by Dr. N of Penn State fame (now ETSU), the panel consisted of Ann M. of the Heritage Historical Society, Bill S. of CitiGroup, ​Kimberly F. who is the currator at Vance Birthplace in Weaverville, NC, and Eric R. who is an attorney in Johnson City. It seems the main point they were trying to make is that a graduate degree in history can be used to enter almost any field of societal institution, both public and private. I'm happy for all the young historians with prospects of doing the very thing. I'm down to 11 hours on the 20 hr requirement as I've continued to meet with Doctors R (my mentor) and L. If all goes well I should also be detracting from the 5 hour community engagement requirement tommorow; it seems they are in need of a service call down at Shades of Grace. Kernal Urinal  to the rescue! haha... PS, I'll remember to frequently wash my hands; you all do the same!


NO WORRIES! Have already thought about and begun what I can do to take care of self and others. No stress involved with continuing to provide farm-fresh eggs to three neighboring households. I enjoy it cuz 'tis a greater blessing to give than receive, and they dig it cuz my girls lay the best butt-nuggets around. Thanks for your unwavering flexibility (that constitutes an oxymoron, yes?) Prof. H.


Entire academic library of a distinguished PhD and university professor of world histories and cultural histories of both the US and Latin America, with special emphasis on Mexico. The library also features an extensive section on cartography. Publication/printing dates of the items range from vintage/antique to the 2020s. Over 90% excellent condition. Current retail prices for each item indicated. 37 boxes. 

Keep safe & Peace out